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Getting Involved with Nyabihu School for Deaf Children

In the heart of Africa lies a country that embodies resilience, determination, and hope - Rwanda. Amidst the challenges faced by its people, including the deaf community, there is a beacon of light, Nyabihu school for Deaf Children, a school solely dedicated to nurturing the talents and potential of deaf children. If you are passionate about making a positive difference, read on to discover how you can contribute as a donor or volunteer to our remarkable school.

The Plight of Deaf Children in Rwanda

In Rwanda, children with hearing impairments face numerous barriers to education and inclusion. Limited resources, societal stigmas, and communication barriers make it particularly challenging for these children to access quality education and fully participate in society. However, the Nyabihu School for deaf children has emerged as a sanctuary, empowering these students to break free from their silence and embrace their full potential.

Ways to Get Involved

1. Donate Financial Resources

Every contribution, no matter how big or small, can make a substantial impact. By donating financial resources, you can help provide critical support towards the expansion and sustainability of Nyabihu School for Deaf Children. Funds are used to enhance learning environments, provide educational resources, hire qualified educators, and invest in vocational training programs. Additionally, your generous donations can enable the creation of scholarship programs, ensuring that no deaf child is left behind due to financial constraints.

2. Sponsor a Child's Education

One of the most rewarding ways to support the school is by sponsoring a child's education. Through monthly or yearly financial commitments, you can directly contribute to a child's tuition fees, nutrition, healthcare, and extracurricular activities. By becoming a sponsor, you create a transformative educational experience for a deaf child and foster a lasting connection with the Rwandan community.

3. Volunteer Your Time and Skills

If you possess a passion for teaching, sign language interpretation, or working with children, volunteering at our school is a perfect opportunity to make a substantial impact. By sharing your expertise, you can help improve the quality of education and communication within the school. Volunteers also play a crucial role in organizing extracurricular activities, mentoring students, and engaging in art therapy programs, promoting holistic development for the children.

4. Organize Fundraising Initiatives

Through the power of collective action, fundraising initiatives can generate considerable financial support for the school's programs and activities. Whether you host a charity auction, organize a marathon, or create an online crowdfunding campaign, the possibilities for fundraising are endless. Encourage your friends, family, and community members to come together in support of Nyabihu school for deaf children, amplifying the impact of your collective efforts.
Getting involved with Nyabihu school for deaf children offers individuals the unique opportunity to create lasting positive change in the lives of deaf children facing unique challenges. Through financial contributions, sponsorship, volunteer work, and fundraising initiatives, individuals can support the school in its mission to provide quality education and empower these resilient children. Let us unite and give a voice to those who have long been unheard by becoming advocates for inclusion and champions of equal opportunities for all.
Please read the following article about the experience of our wonderful volunteer Alvaro Sampedro who has decided to generously volunteer three months of his time at our school

Volunteering at Nyabihu School for the Deaf A Life-Changing Adventure

As the new school year begins at Nyabihu School for the Deaf in Rwanda, it’s a time filled with excitement and hope. Deaf students from across Rwanda come together for a three-month term until Christmas. The school motto, 'Children with dreams, parents with hope,' truly reflects the significance of this place in the lives of these students who might otherwise be left without opportunities. Surrounded by breathtaking green hills, Nyabihu School becomes more than just a school; it's a home where students feel safe and embraced. Here, among peers who share their experiences and language, they find the freedom to communicate openly, something often missing in the outside world.

Let me introduce myself—I’m Alvaro, a 27-year-old engineer from Spain, living in the UK. Intrigued by Rwanda, a country I knew little about, I embarked on a journey to make a positive impact.

Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by everyone at Nyabihu, where foreign visitors (known as "Mzungu") are rare. Eric, the program manager, was incredibly helpful ahead of my arrival. His adaptable planning to my arrival date, from arranging my stay to outlining opportunities at the school, made entering Nyabihu's vibrant atmosphere feel like a seamless transition. The smiling faces of the students, teachers, and the local community made me feel right at home. Whether teaching, playing volleyball, or simply chatting about my life in Spain and England, I was touched by the students' gratitude and enthusiasm.

Having studied American Sign Language for just a month before arriving, I was worried about whether I was going to be helpful. But with guidance from Emelyne, the Deputy Head Teacher, and Claude, the only deaf teacher at the school, I started making remarkable progress learning sign language. My goal was to get closer to the students' culture and motivate them to learn more, and I found it incredibly rewarding.

Learning sign language and discovering the rich culture of the deaf community has become an eye-opening adventure—one I feel incredibly grateful for. Each interaction and sign I learned opened a door to a world I hadn’t explored before. But beyond the thrill of discovery, it was the students’ response that truly touched me. They yearned for connection, craving recognition for who they are and what they love. In a society where they often felt overlooked, unheard, and unseen, their eagerness to express themselves was a poignant reminder of the profound impact genuine attention and understanding can have on those who have felt invisible for so long.

Beyond the initial excitement, I started noticing the tough realities the students faced. Insufficient food, inadequate clothing, and the school's need for facility improvements were daily challenges.

Recognizing areas where the school could evolve, I began brainstorming ways to contribute, from teaching to fundraising initiatives.

In a nutshell, volunteering at Nyabihu School for the Deaf is more than just giving your time—it's a life-changing experience. For me, it’s been an incredible journey that continues to shape how I see the world. If you’re looking for a fulfilling volunteer opportunity, Nyabihu is a place where you not only help but also get inspired by the amazing students’ resilience, joy, and spirit.

Although we have a small gift shop at the school, we also work with other businesses that sell our products for us, those are:

  • • The Go Kigali boutique at the Kigali Marriott hotel If you happen to be at the hotel check out this boutique and you will see wood carved gorillas in awesome colors that we make at the school. By buying one or two of those, you will be supporting the school work as all proceeds go back into funding school operations.

  • • The hope shop both in Kigali and Musanze (Link) If you are shopping from any of the do hope shops in Kigali or Musanze, please check out wood carved, elephants; giraffes; birds; small hand bags; t-shits and many other products made by us and sold in their shops. By buying one or more of these products, you will be supporting the school work as all proceeds go back into funding school operations.

  • • We also take orders via telephone or WhatsApp and deliver to you wherever you are in Rwanda. (+250788919406) Check out what some of our ordering clients had to say about us and our products

Astrid from Kigali.

"Hi! I LOVED working with Nyabihu, School for the Deaf". They lived up to all my expectations: they used the colors I gave them; the design was spot on and they delivered on time. As we know, it's difficult for people with disabilities to find a job so whenever you can... support them and add a special touch to your house!"

You are all welcome to volunteer with us. We need everyone’s skills to advance deaf education for children. If you would like to know more about how to volunteer with us please contact us on Nyabihuschoolforthedeaf@gmail.com we are also on Facebook and Instagram so feel free to DM us!